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etcstockpile- protesting brain freeze since 2015. Join the movement and warm your brain. 


Bundle Blog



Erica Cahn

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Name: Lauryn

Location: San Fransisco, CA

Thing(s) you do: Designer and maker of sorts - but forever obsessed with furniture.

Fun Fact: I was the regional spelling bee champ four years in a row.


Erica Cahn

Name: Joey Clams

Place of Residence: Coney Island, NY

Thing(s) you do: I'm a jack of all trades and a student of life who focuses my efforts on making pictures and surfboards. I love to work out, do yoga, cook, tend to my garden, train my dog, and pretty much do anything else that requires working with my hands... Some people say the eyes are the window to your soul, and I happen to think your hands are.

Fun Fact: I walk on hot coals for fun 'cause I'm a gangstaaaaaaaa. (mic drop)


Erica Cahn

Name: Marissa

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Thing(s) about you: Boulder Native, Contemporary Dancer, One of 7, Yogi in training, Pro-Hairstylist, Girlfriend of a Sexy Italian, and expert napper.

Fun Fact: Last year I was brutally attacked by a jellyfish.

Danny Boy

Erica Cahn



Name: Danny

Location: New York City by way of Plantation, Florida

Thing(s) you do: I write, I surf, I musicalize. I do one professionally and I'm not even sure it's the one I'm best at.

Fun Fact: The secret to life is always add more salsa verde.


Erica Cahn

Name: Becca

Location: Astoria, Queens

Occupation: Sustainable Clothing Designer

Fun Fact: Food Blogging is my second calling and I'm really into homemade nutbutter.


Elise: Colorado Street, California

Erica Cahn

Name: Elise

Location: Colorado St. Long Beach, California

Thing(s) you do: Biking, hiking, snowboarding, crafting, getting addicted to HBO series, commercial real estate marketing

Fun Fact: I make a great human armrest.

Muddy Paws

Erica Cahn

Name: Neil Berenholz

Location: Nyack, NY

Thing(s) you do: Maker/Mad Scientist

Fun Fact: The Catskills are not really a mountain range, rather a plateau eroded by ice and water.

Julie: Shradical History Teacher

Erica Cahn

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Name: Julie

Place of Residence: Brooklyn, NY

Occupation: High school global history teacher

Fun Fact(s): I play guitar and saxophone, and I'm really good at making mac and cheese.

Stevie & Dizzle

Erica Cahn



  • Name: Stevie and Dizzle
  • Place of Residence: Brooklyn, NY
  • Thing (s) you like to do: (S) Taking care of Dizzle. (D) Taking care of Stevie. 
  • Fun Fact: (S) Chaga, a mushroom that grows on birch trees and known for having amazing health benefits, is also being preserved in a guarded forest by the government because it's one of the only cures to anthrax. (D) I just found out that squirrels run quite fast. I'm also not as agile of a tree climber as they are, however, my new year's resolution is to practice. Mind over matter.  

Mackenzie's Headsock

Erica Cahn

  • Name: Mackenzie
  • Place of residence: Pasadena, California
  • Thing you like to do: Wood working, welding, industrial design, general making of things. 
  • Fun fact about you: I'm taking my ETC Headsock with me to Alaska to climb Denali this Summer!


Erica Cahn

Gals and Gents: send me a selfie of you bundled up and getting outside in ETC gear and YOU will be the latest blog post! (As long as your image is family friendly.)

It'll be like you're famous. Sorta.

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